Diwali is November the 11th this year, Auckland city celebrated it early in Aotea Square on the 17 & 18th Oct.

We are celebrating Diwali at school and have been using lots of ideas around Diwali to talk about and introduce to the children.

The school organised a lady to come in an give anyone who was interested a henna design on their hand for $5. Here is mine in the classroom just after being done and later on the evening when all the paste had come off.

We have used a selection of resources from Activity village to colour in,

  • Rangoli patterns to put up in the classroom.
  • A poem to share at home in our poem books.
  • A Diya to colour and
  • lots of ideas for crafts to do.

We are having a group coming in to do a performance and all the adults are borrowing Sari’s to wear to school.

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National Blog Posting Month 2015
National Blog Posting Month 2015

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