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Sickness and journalling

I’ve been on and off work for the last week and a bit. I’ve been feeling really under the weather and it got the better of me last week. I have used this time sleeping and recovering and as I’ve been feeling better I’ve used this time to catch up on my journal.

I’ve also been exploring some new forms of journaling and have done some reading and youtube watching about Bullet journaling. Some interesting examples can be found on Marie claire UK, Life hacker and this in depth, one month in look at what worked and changes were made to make the system work from Boho Berry.

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The View From The top

On a sunny-ish day, last week, a Monday to be precise. We took a trip up the Sky tower in Auckland to see the view from the top. I have done this a couple of times before in different cities (Sydney and Melbourne)  and really enjoy looking at the city from so high up. I wanted to go at sunset so we would get the best of the city in both daylight and darkness but He wasn’t going to wait till that late at night to go. Continue reading “The View From The top”

midori travellers notebook handmade
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DIY Midori Travellers Notebook

I don’t get jealous easily but i’m currently suffering journal jealousy. All those people who have a Midori Travellers notebook. I WANT ONE!!!!! so badly!

midori travellers notebook handmade

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Photography spotlight
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Photography Spotlight #5 A Day in the life of Alex

For this Photography Spotlight i wanted to capture what my current life looks like on a daily basis.

While blog hopping i found this post using the Ali Edwards idea of documenting a day in your life. You can find the instructions for the the series here  and the Gallery of posts hereAli Edwards has large range of journalling products and just before left to travel i started to keep a Project Life book of past travels and my life. It was far to bulky to continue on the road and the journalling cards would be tricky to keep and send home and then put in order. So i have shelved that project for my return to the UK. When i get back i will try and use my travel journals, Facebook, this blog and all the other note keeping methods to make some sort of entries for the years i have been away.

But decided to use the Ali Edwards idea of capturing photos of different parts of your day. I have done this before but as my life has changed massively since then i wanted to do it again. I forgot to take many pictures during the day like a picture of my lunch (didn’t really want to look a like a crazy person on my first day at this school, lol). I will probably aim to do this again in a couple of months to see what has changed.  Continue reading “Photography Spotlight #5 A Day in the life of Alex”

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Things I Like

I have signed up to Writing 101 and am following (badly) some of the writing prompts. I have to admit this is not as important to me to complete every day’s tasks (Naughty i know, Slap my hand). I’m currently in the process of getting a new teaching position and working with a new, very challenging class which is taking up more of my time.

This list, however, called to me to be completed. It is inspired from a website called Things we like.


So here is my list of thing i like:

  • Standing in the shower with the water pouring over my face.
  • Cuddling up, warm in bed.
  • Reading a book you can’t put down.
  • New pens, Crafting materials and wash tapes.
  • Having the time to browse in a bookshop.
  • Getting on a plane to go somewhere new.
  • Wearing new clothes for the first time.
  • Pinning colourful pictures on pinterest.
  • Pictures of my nephews.
  • Eating a dinner i’ve just cooked.

I’m saving the things i’ve learnt list for an education post on a coming wednesday.

Happy Friday!

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Travelling companion

Little acts of love

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Why Journal?

I have the 30 second memory of a fish.

Even after an amazing day doing something new and exciting i’ll have forgotten the next day the name of each place we went to and possibly exactly what we did there. Now add that to a travel trip when each day you do something new and different and i’m screwed. Continue reading “Why Journal?”

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Travelling companion

Ashley bear was a lovely present brought back from a residential trip my class and Teaching Aid (TA) went one and i was left behind. I decided that he should go travelling with me and have tried to take pictures with him in as many places as i could in Barnaby bear style. Below is a little picture diary of his (and my) travels.

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The thing i miss most when travelling is that neat line of books upon a shelf, books i am waiting to read, ones i love and my current reading. I seem to be a book hoarder. I can find a pile of books anywhere i go. Recently i have moved from a hostel back into a shared house. Up until now my to be read (TBR) pile has been getting in the way, taking up space on top of the chest of drawers in our room.

In the way TBR books

Flicking through a magazine at work i noticed super cheap, small book cases we can use as bedside tables from Warehouse. I headed over after work and got us two.

A home for a brew, my books and journal

Now my books (and my morning/evening cuppa) have a home.

For more Bookish ideas, posts and sites to follow head over to my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages. Don’t forget to follow my blog so you don’t miss out on the weekly book post.

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As a traveller of the world i find inspiration everywhere, being crafty, i love to keep this inspiration in my travel journal. I am a nightmare for leaflets, stickers …… oh i love stickers…… labels, packets anything i can cut up and stick down with glue or my very pretty wash tape. My travelling partner in crime shakes his in despair some days when i get excited about buying stickers from a location we have been to.

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