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Things i have learnt teaching reading

Following on from the list of things i like i wanted to share some things i have learnt teaching reading across three different countries.

England – where i trained, taught and learnt so much in my first two years of teaching.

Australia – where i gained my passion for teaching again and learnt a whole new style of teaching.

New Zealand – where i’m starting to see the importance of some basics i’ve taken for granted. Continue reading “Things i have learnt teaching reading”

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Things I Like

I have signed up to Writing 101 and am following (badly) some of the writing prompts. I have to admit this is not as important to me to complete every day’s tasks (Naughty i know, Slap my hand). I’m currently in the process of getting a new teaching position and working with a new, very challenging class which is taking up more of my time.

This list, however, called to me to be completed. It is inspired from a website called Things we like.


So here is my list of thing i like:

  • Standing in the shower with the water pouring over my face.
  • Cuddling up, warm in bed.
  • Reading a book you can’t put down.
  • New pens, Crafting materials and wash tapes.
  • Having the time to browse in a bookshop.
  • Getting on a plane to go somewhere new.
  • Wearing new clothes for the first time.
  • Pinning colourful pictures on pinterest.
  • Pictures of my nephews.
  • Eating a dinner i’ve just cooked.

I’m saving the things i’ve learnt list for an education post on a coming wednesday.

Happy Friday!

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