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24 Things To Do In Auckland

Having come back from holiday and having a couple of weeks of school holiday left, I thought I would compile a list of things to do in Auckland.

I scoured about 4 or 5 different travel websites and read through the many things they suggested to be done in Auckland, many of these things are free, and took the ones I thought would be most important and interesting to do.
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Still alive

So, I know I have been absent for some time but I needed a break.


I had a very hectic month in December what with the end of school, being ill and then going away over Xmas. I am back though and feeling better refreshed and have lots of things to share.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and new year?

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13 Things You Must Write In Your Travel Notebook Before Leaving

Just before i go away for the Christmas break I stumbled over this article with some great idea to write in my travel journal.

Sorry I Jane been so absent and not written any posts. I was really I’ll with a chest infection and sinus infection and then had to deal with the end of the school year plus Christmas which makes it really hetic. I’m away soon as well but I will try and post some shots and updates. I will be back full force in the new year.


1. Inspiration. Since this will be your travel bible you must be able to open it and find instant inspiration. Reserve the first page for your travel inspiration. Write quotes, paste photos of the places you want to visit, checklist of things you want to experience. Basically put whatever that will encourage you to go travel. This page can also cheer you up from your homesickness during your travel.


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The Open Book

What would every book lovers dream be? To run their own bookshop but currently it’s not something many people would quit their current jobs to take on. How about for a holiday? Would you relocate for two weeks to a small Scottish town called Wigtown to run a book shop? I know that i would if i got the chance.

Enter the Open book

The blog for this wonderful venture shows how many different and vibrant people have taken on the chance to be booksellers for 14 days. Boy do they all seem to enjoy it.

So if this is how you would like to spend your two week holiday head over to the air BnB site and book yourself into two weeks of literary heaven.

Photography spotlight
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Photography Spotlight #7 Clocks

This is the 7th Photography spotlight, This week’s theme is Clock’s.

I take pictures of clocks all around the world. Time can be tricky when you in a different time zone. Some places are really strict and trains will leave the second they are supposed to but other countries can be a lot more relaxed and leave minutes if not hours later than scheduled.

If you’d like to join in, all you have to do is create a post titled “Photography Spotlight #7 clocks” then post the link to your blog in the comment section on my page.

pocket watch clock

Post a picture and link to my blog and i’ll share my favourites!

Let’s get snap happy!!!

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