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The View From The top

On a sunny-ish day, last week, a Monday to be precise. We took a trip up the Sky tower in Auckland to see the view from the top. I have done this a couple of times before in different cities (Sydney and Melbourne)  and really enjoy looking at the city from so high up. I wanted to go at sunset so we would get the best of the city in both daylight and darkness but He wasn’t going to wait till that late at night to go.

Here are some facts about the sky tower

  • Three glass-fronted elevators can take 225 people to the observation levels every 15 minutes. The elevators travel at 18km per hour and the ride takes only 40 seconds.

  • On a clear day you can see approximately 82 kilometres (51 miles) from Sky Tower. That’s as far north as Leigh Peninsula, as far east as Great Barrier Island, as far west as the Waitakere Ranges, and as far south as the Bombay Hills.

  • In the extreme event of a magnitude 8.0 earthquake occurring within 20 kilometres of the tower, analysis shows that Sky Tower would remain standing.

We could see across the water to Devonport, the harbour, beaches, across the city and some of the volcanoes in the area. We could also see some of the islands in the distance and just about see the Coromandel.

It was still a great way to spend our Labour Day off work and I felt like a tourist again rather than just a British person who lives and works in Auckland.

sky tower and us

After, we went to pick up a friend and as we were driving past Mt Eden I mentioned that I was the only one of us who hadn’t been up to the top. So we took a trip to the top. The view was pretty and we could see a lot of the other volcanoes from there, especially One Tree Hill which another one I have been up.

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National Blog Posting Month 2015
National Blog Posting Month 2015

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