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Still alive

So, I know I have been absent for some time but I needed a break.


I had a very hectic month in December what with the end of school, being ill and then going away over Xmas. I am back though and feeling better refreshed and have lots of things to share.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and new year?

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Photography spotlight
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Photography Spotlight #5 A Day in the life of Alex

For this Photography Spotlight i wanted to capture what my current life looks like on a daily basis.

While blog hopping i found this post using the Ali Edwards idea of documenting a day in your life. You can find the instructions for the the series here  and the Gallery of posts hereAli Edwards has large range of journalling products and just before left to travel i started to keep a Project Life book of past travels and my life. It was far to bulky to continue on the road and the journalling cards would be tricky to keep and send home and then put in order. So i have shelved that project for my return to the UK. When i get back i will try and use my travel journals, Facebook, this blog and all the other note keeping methods to make some sort of entries for the years i have been away.

But decided to use the Ali Edwards idea of capturing photos of different parts of your day. I have done this before but as my life has changed massively since then i wanted to do it again. I forgot to take many pictures during the day like a picture of my lunch (didn’t really want to look a like a crazy person on my first day at this school, lol). I will probably aim to do this again in a couple of months to see what has changed.  Continue reading “Photography Spotlight #5 A Day in the life of Alex”


The Ultimate, Ultimate Book Tag

I came across this post while doing my normal internet hop from blog to blog. I thought i would join in and start the nominations around the word press blogs again. I have changed a few of the questions which i have borrowed from this post as they were more relevant to me than some of the original questions.

The rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  •  Please copy the questions and post your answers on your own blog
  • Choose 5 + people to nominate
  • Copy and past the questions

Continue reading “The Ultimate, Ultimate Book Tag”


How to show support and awareness in September

September has rolled around again. Which means on Facebook i see a whole month of information and calls to action from one specific organisation – CMT:UK.   Continue reading “How to show support and awareness in September”

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Why Journal?

I have the 30 second memory of a fish.

Even after an amazing day doing something new and exciting i’ll have forgotten the next day the name of each place we went to and possibly exactly what we did there. Now add that to a travel trip when each day you do something new and different and i’m screwed. Continue reading “Why Journal?”

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15 interesting steps to enable lifelong learning

Having joined stumble upon again i have discovered a wealth of interesting posts, not just for blog ideas but also to help make me a better, more rounded person.

As a teacher, i am also a lifelong learner, i know that i do not know everything.

I found this interesting article about how to cultivate a lifetime of learning by doing 15 simple things.  Continue reading “15 interesting steps to enable lifelong learning”

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So the winner is ………Me!

So there is nothing better than waking up, checking your emails and finding out that you have won a competition.

Brey over at Ordinary adventures held a competition to win $100 in amazon vouchers as she had reached 100,000 views.

Borrowed from Brey at Ordinary adventures

Continue reading “So the winner is ………Me!”

Photography spotlight
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Photography Spotlight #2 The Sea


The sea is the theme of this week’s photography spotlight.

This is taken from the air on a light aircraft flight over the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I took this picture of the heart shaped gap in the reef while i was up in Cairns. I love the sea and especially loved Cairns for it many chances to get into the sea among the reef’s to Scuba dive.

Leaning to scuba dive was one of the best things i did in the last few years as it has opened up a whole new world to me under the waves.

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Getting hooked…..

Do you get hooked on one topic?

I wrote a post on book pet peeves and fell down the rabbit hole. I get hooked on one topic and having a blog about a couple of topics i don’t want to spend a week blogging about just books. I just keep finding all these great things which inspire me to blog about them or Tags to join in on, all to do with books. I could have 5+ posts just related to books.

Does anyone else have this problem? 

Luckily i can schedule these posts to publish in the coming weeks. So, this week you are not overwhelmed by books and wonder what on earth was going on here.