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Please, Mr Panda

I read a lovely blog post over at live ūüôā Life¬†about a book called Please, Mr Panda.

Please, Mr. Panda

A panda has a tray of Doughnuts to share and goes around asking some creatures if they would like one. A variety of responses are given but only one gets the doughnuts. Continue reading “Please, Mr Panda”

classroom pencils
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Whats happening in Room 28 Week 4 – The Gingerbread Man

This week in Room 28 this week we are looking at the Gingerbread man. I started with a google search and came across the blog A to Z Teacher Stuff with this post from Amanda.

I have used some of the ideas to create my own resources which I will share with you for free here.

We have made our own Ginger Bread Man Class book using this template. Each child was given a page to write his or her name on and then decorate the gingerbread man. I have stapled the altogether and will put it in the book corner.

We talked about how you could stop the gingerbread man from running away and created this little book showing our techniques. They will keep them in their daily 5 reading bags to practise reading.

I modelled this activity with the class first using this big we made.


I printed these templates out for the children to use while they retell the story to each other.

Each day we share a poem together which the children can take home in their poem books. This is the one (below) for Monday which I loved as it ties in with our weeks theme. Normally I just use a selection of nursery rhymes for the week. I have a class poem book in which I stick a copy of each days poem as well. The children can read it and I will start to invite some children to colour a page in each day and sign it.

Four Gingerbread Men poem

For maths, we used the Roll a Gingerbread man game and the children made their Gingerbread men on the sheet from the same website. Which they loved so much I went onto Pinterest to find some more roll a dice activities for them to do.

We have been using some milk bottle tops to practise putting our numbers in order and learning to recognise number patterns to 10.

milk bottle top maths

The role play area is very popular and I will have to remove the little pigs hats so they will act out the other stories instead. However, I’m glad they enjoy it that much.

acting out 3 little pigs

Hello there_ alex

Some more exciting ideas for a year 0 classroom can be found here

Little Red Riding Hood

The Three Little Pigs

How to make play dough

What did we do before Pinterest?

National Blog Posting Month 2015
National Blog Posting Month 2015
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Craziness in room 28

So I just read this post over at nothing was said¬†and laughed out loud. Then thought I should share some hilarity from my own classroom. I regularly get comments from the teachers in the adjoining classrooms about how they love overhearing my wails of despair of what the children are doing that they shouldn’t be and have a little chuckle. So in no particular order from the mouths and hands of kids.

  • All is quiet in the classroom and I walk over to the¬†blue table and find a big pile of hair. Look at kids all innocently holding scissors, cutting their shapes and notice M has three big bald spots on his head. Sigh …….. discuss with the class why cutting our hair is not a good idea. Then brace myself for a conversation with mum.
  • Same child at sports day, I turn round to find him eating grass. Sigh …….. talk about why grass is not good for us to eat. Discuss with mum.
  • Kids all working well in groups. Walk over to yellow table to find M (seeing a pattern emerging) with two yellow crayons sticking out his ears, then notice that most of the table has copied him and have colourful crayons sticking out their ears as well. sigh………. more discussions on how we use our equipment correctly.

Enjoy and I shall update with more as I think of it and as it happens.

Hello there_ alex

National Blog Posting Month 2015
National Blog Posting Month 2015
Photography spotlight
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Photography Spotlight # 12 Diwali

This is the 12th Photography spotlight, This week’s theme is the Diwali since we celebrated Diwali at school on Friday. I thought I would share with you the photos that I took around school.


Continue reading “Photography Spotlight # 12 Diwali”

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How we are celebrating Diwali in Room 28

Diwali is November the 11th this year, Auckland city celebrated it early in Aotea Square on the 17 & 18th Oct.

We are celebrating Diwali at school and have been using lots of ideas around Diwali to talk about and introduce to the children.

The school organised a lady to come in an give anyone who was interested a henna design on their hand for $5. Here is mine in the classroom just after being done and later on the evening when all the paste had come off.

We have used a selection of resources from Activity village to colour in,

  • Rangoli patterns to put up in the classroom.
  • A poem to share at home in our poem books.
  • A Diya to colour and
  • lots of ideas for crafts to do.

We are having a group coming in to do a performance and all the adults are borrowing Sari’s to wear to school.

Hello there_ alex

National Blog Posting Month 2015
National Blog Posting Month 2015
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What I’ve been reading October

Here is what i have read in October.

Magic and murder engulf the realm of Kelewan.
Fierce warlords ignite a bitter blood feud to enslave the empire of Tsuranuanni. While in the opulent Imperial courts, assassins and spy-master plot cunning and devious intrigues against the rightful heir.
Now Mara, a young, untested Ruling lady, is called upon to lead her people in a heroic struggle for survival.¬†But first she must rally an army of rebel warriors, form a pact with the alien cho-ja, and marry the son of a hated enemy.¬†Only then can Mara face her most dangerous foe of all–in his own impregnable stronghold.- Goodreads

Continue reading “What I’ve been reading October”

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What’s happening in Room 28 Week 2 – The Three Little Pigs

So the second week of school and both me and the Kiddies are settled in. I went from 4 to 13 kiddies in a week and think I might have levelled out for a bit.

I was sent my report outline, given some leeway as we were all new, ¬†but I have had to start writing reports to get them completed before the deadline in two weeks while completing my maths and reading testing. So it’s been a busy week.

This week I have focused on The Three Little Pigs as a sub-topic to our school one of Imagination. We watched the story daily on You tube and by the end of the week the kids could tell it off by heart.

We acted out the story using props that we made, some pig ear headbands, and found to help us remember what happened.

We have been building our own houses in our construction site using wooden blocks. They enjoyed wearing the Hi-Vis jackets and safety glasses I got and they randomly wear them around the classroom.

During maths, I have introduced graphing. We discuss then poll a different question every day. Our first question was what colour eyes do we have? I was the only blue eyed person in the room.

We are graphing different questions daily.
We are graphing different questions daily.

I finally got my laminating back from the office, it has been absent for the whole two weeks. I haven’t had a chance to get it all up on the walls yet, but my classroom is starting to come together.

Hello there_ alex

how to make play dough
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How to make quick and easy playdough

I made play dough! I’m still very new to the whole being an early years teacher. This is the first class younger than year 3 that I have been officially responsible for, longer than a couple of days. So for me creating activities and planning educational play are unknown territory. Continue reading “How to make quick and easy playdough”

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First day at school

So today is my first day as year 0 teacher. I’m excited but nervous there is so much i still need to do to feel ready but it will have to wait as i don’t have the time now. I’m up super early to go in and print out my resources for this week and make sure everything in the classroom is ready for the kiddies.

I have spent the whole weekend planning, cutting, surfing Pinterest for ideas and scavenging my house for supplies. Because of this my blogging has fallen by the way side. Sorry!! I will try and get back on schedule and make sure that i have at least 2 posts a week up. I have managed to make sure my weekly Photography Spotlight is ready for the next 6 weeks though.

So here we go and lets see what mayhem the day brings.

Blogging, Currently, Teaching


I have spent a frantic week planning,¬† organising, sorting and seeing up my new classroom.¬† It’s not as ready as I’d like but it’ll have to do.¬† Now I’m back in full-time school mode posting may get a bit lax but I will try my hardest to juggle both. More insights into school life and my general day to day maybe more frequent.¬† I’m thinking of setting up a separate blog for teaching post’s.

What do you think?  Are you interested in reading about the ins and outs of teaching here? Or just the more general posts?

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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