Little acts of love

As adults we complain that next generation are not like we were, they don’t care about life or politics or anything enough. They are not respectful of their elders or others property.

How can this be changed?  What can we do to make it better?

After reading this article it made think of all the many little acts of love that children show us. The stone they pick up off the road and give to you. The leaf that they found in the park or the garden. the artwork they spend time drawing or writing.

All these little acts of love need to be accepted and cherished. I’m not saying you have to keep every stone/leaf piece of art but at least show the act of keeping it.

Many time i have come home from school and emptied my pockets of rocks/ beads/leaves/stones/ pictures and thrown them away. But i NEVER do this at school. If a child sees you throwing away something they gave to you they will never give you any more acts of love again. That is how we crush the spirit of the next generation.

We need to be teaching love and inspiring generosity by taking the little acts of love with love and gratitude.

  • Inspired by the post below

Let's talk about the L word!

“Little green feather” by Johan Roelofse. Check him out at

How many times did you feel so sad that you doubt any good will come to you ever again?

How many times have you been rude to someone just because you’re too busy thinking of the one who’s hurting you?

How many times did you close your eyes to the love offered to you? Just because your heart is too tense to open itself and let their delightful kindness come in?

One of the things we must fight and struggle to exterminate from our mind, body and soul is bitterness, for once it possesses you, nothing seemingly worthy of your smile will surge in your life again. You scared happiness and she now fears you. Once you stop working on it and nurturing that joy naturally present in you, she will leave. Your acidic mood can’t attract that kind of fortunate feelings to illuminate…

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2 thoughts on “Little acts of love

  1. sage words. I was guilty of this myself recently, although I managed a smooth recovery and a kind finish, I was annoyed, tired and when approached by a stranger was NOT at my best. It was a great lesson!


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