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Travelling companion

Ashley bear was a lovely present brought back from a residential trip my class and Teaching Aid (TA) went one and i was left behind. I decided that he should go travelling with me and have tried to take pictures with him in as many places as i could in Barnaby bear style. Below is a little picture diary of his (and my) travels.

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The thing i miss most when travelling is that neat line of books upon a shelf, books i am waiting to read, ones i love and my current reading. I seem to be a book hoarder. I can find a pile of books anywhere i go. Recently i have moved from a hostel back into a shared house. Up until now my to be read (TBR) pile has been getting in the way, taking up space on top of the chest of drawers in our room.

In the way TBR books

Flicking through a magazine at work i noticed super cheap, small book cases we can use as bedside tables from Warehouse. I headed over after work and got us two.

A home for a brew, my books and journal

Now my books (and my morning/evening cuppa) have a home.

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As a traveller of the world i find inspiration everywhere, being crafty, i love to keep this inspiration in my travel journal. I am a nightmare for leaflets, stickers …… oh i love stickers…… labels, packets anything i can cut up and stick down with glue or my very pretty wash tape. My travelling partner in crime shakes his in despair some days when i get excited about buying stickers from a location we have been to.

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Escape Masters


Today we spent an hour locked in a room trying to escape before the zombies got in and attacked us.
No I haven’t gone mad. Honest.
We entered into the world of escape masters, a new group activity to complete with your friends. All you have to do is find and solve the problems in a locked room in 50 minutes, we did it in 42. There is a range of scenarios (aliens, zombies and gangster attacks to name a few) to try out at 4 difficulty levels easy, medium, hard and extra hard. You get three chances to get help from your support staff member, we only needed one clue.

If you enjoy puzzles and ever watched crystal maze you’ll enjoy becoming an escape master. We did!!! A great hour spent on a Sunday afternoon at a reasonable price, well worth it!

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Teaching Abroad

Having taught in Australia for two years i picked up many new ideas to use in my classroom when i have one again. Pinterest has been the place i keep a track of all these.

This is one of the boards i have pinned some ideas to, My favourite idea and here is my pinterest profile.


A Wandering woman

I left the uk on a one way ticket two and a half years ago, single, excited and with grand ideas about what my life would be like.

Here I am two and a half years later with a partner in travelling crime, in a different country/city to where I though I would end up and not doing the job I thought I would be. Oh how life likes to throw us a curve ball every now and then. There are still lots of snippets and advice I feel I can share.

This is going to be a blog about books i have read, travelling advice, hints and tips i have learnt and things I have found teaching in at least two different countries. Probably with some ramblings mixed in.