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Lets share over a coffee……

Grab a coffee and come, sit and have a chat with me.

fancy chai teaIf we were having coffee together…. I would be telling you all about my week and the crazy antics we got up to at school.

If we were having coffee together…… 
I might be
drinking tea and eating cake, my guilty pleasure is coffee and chocolate cake!

If we were having coffee together…….. I’d be telling you about my plans for this summer holiday and how I’m looking forward to a visit to the south island. We are going to Queenstown for Christmas.

If we were having coffee together ……….. I would tell youiced coffee about the book I’m reading called The Daughter of the Empire and how great the series is. Although I’d be mourning my lack of time for reading at the moment.

If we were having coffee together……. I would tell you how much I need to find the motivation to go workout again. How rubbish I feel because I haven’t been working out and how my random pains keep popping up which means I need to workout before it gets worse.

If we were having coffee together…….. I might have an iced one as it’s finally starting to get warm now.

If we were having coffee together …….  I would tell you how I have finally put in my qualifications assessment so I can get paid the correct amount. This is exciting because I’ll get back pay and hopefully get quite a lot.

If we were having coffee together ……….. I’d share the most exciting news I got this week was that I got a full time teaching job for next year. At the same, lovely school I’m currently working at. I’m looking forward to starting a classroom again from the start of the year.

So, come, share a coffee with me and let’s catch up. What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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National Blog Posting Month 2015
National Blog Posting Month 2015
Life, Tea and Cakes

Tea and Cake Tuesday #3 – Mug cakes

Mug Cakes have become the quick and easy cake fix. There are books, even special mugs, to help you create the best mug cakes in under 5 mins. So no more spending 40 minutes mixing and measuring then waiting for cooking and cooling. Now you can have a single cake portion in super quick time.  Continue reading “Tea and Cake Tuesday #3 – Mug cakes”

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Tea and Cake Tuesday #2

book, cake and tea

A good book,  tea and cake (held in a nifty cake protecter I found in the cupboard) is the best way to spend a Tuesday.  However I have to go to work instead.  Oh well we can’t win them all.

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Tea and Cake Tuesday #1

Tea and Cake Tuesday

Life, Tea and Cakes

Tea and Cake Tuesday #1

My favourite cake is Banana cake, my mum’s banana cake. As i have been travelling the furthest reaches of the globe for the last 2 and a half years this is the one thing i have missed most. I could buy it from the shop but that just isn’t the same. So now we are living in a house with an oven. The hostels i have been living in don’t have working ovens or ovens at all in some cases. I thought now is the time to branch out and try some baking. Banana cake cake to be precise.

Banana cake mix
Banana cake mix

So onto pinterest i went to find a recipe for banana cake, one that would be as good as my mum’s. Then off to the shops to buy all the ingredients. I stuck to using the rest of the English chocolate that we brought back from the UK, as choc chips.

The result
The result

These were amazing (if i do say so myself)! Just as good as my mum’s and worth all the effort. I will be using  This recipe again as the base for all my cakes. Off to pop on the kettle to enjoy a brew and some cake.

Event Organizer: Knead to Dough – pop over for more information 

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Photography spotlight
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Photography spotlight #1 Colourful

I love colour. I love rainbows of colour.

I have a whole board of colourful pins, which i look at when i’m feeling down.

This week’s Photo spotlight is to take/ find an old picture of something colourful. Here is mine.

A colourful selection of tea tins at the Melbourne night market.
A colourful selection of tea tins at the Melbourne night market.

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Tea and Cake Tuesday

So for day 13 of our blogging U 101 we were asked to try another blogging event. Off i went in search of something which calls to me and that would fit in with this blog. What do i find but Tea and cake Tuesday, perfect. Here is what i have to do….. Continue reading “Tea and Cake Tuesday”