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Photography Spotlight #11 Alphabet

This is the 11th Photography spotlight, This week’s theme is the Alphabet.

While looking back over various pictures on my Instagram account I found these. I remember exactly when I took them, in a small village in England called Bourton on the water. We had gone for the weekend I had seen a great image in a shop where someone had used letters in the natural world to create the word love. As we walked around I kept spotting these things which looked like letters. So I thought it would a great challenge to try to photograph the whole alphabet.

Have you spotted letters in the natural world?

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I’ll share my favourites in a round up post so

Let’s get snap happy!!!

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National Blog Posting Month 2015
National Blog Posting Month 2015
Photography spotlight
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Photography Spotlight – Doors

I find doors very intriguing, they ask lots of questions.

What’s behind me? Where do i go? Am i locked? Who lives in a house with this style of door?

I think it’s the teacher in me always questionng and encouraging ideas from the smallest seeds. Pictures of doors are a great tool for that and i often give children a picture of a door to think about what is on the other side.

Here are some of my favourite doors i’ve found.

One more
A Hobbit hole door

Do you have any interesting doors near you? 

Post a picture and link to my blog and i’ll share my favourite! 

Let’s get snap happy!!!

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