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Photography Spotlight #5 A Day in the life of Alex

For this Photography Spotlight i wanted to capture what my current life looks like on a daily basis.

While blog hopping i found this post using the Ali Edwards idea of documenting a day in your life. You can find the instructions for the the series here  and the Gallery of posts hereAli Edwards has large range of journalling products and just before left to travel i started to keep a Project Life book of past travels and my life. It was far to bulky to continue on the road and the journalling cards would be tricky to keep and send home and then put in order. So i have shelved that project for my return to the UK. When i get back i will try and use my travel journals, Facebook, this blog and all the other note keeping methods to make some sort of entries for the years i have been away.

But decided to use the Ali Edwards idea of capturing photos of different parts of your day. I have done this before but as my life has changed massively since then i wanted to do it again. I forgot to take many pictures during the day like a picture of my lunch (didn’t really want to look a like a crazy person on my first day at this school, lol). I will probably aim to do this again in a couple of months to see what has changed.  Continue reading “Photography Spotlight #5 A Day in the life of Alex”