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Photography Spotlight #11 Alphabet

This is the 11th Photography spotlight, This week’s theme is the Alphabet.

While looking back over various pictures on my Instagram account I found these. I remember exactly when I took them, in a small village in England called Bourton on the water. We had gone for the weekend I had seen a great image in a shop where someone had used letters in the natural world to create the word love. As we walked around I kept spotting these things which looked like letters. So I thought it would a great challenge to try to photograph the whole alphabet.

Have you spotted letters in the natural world?

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I’ll share my favourites in a round up post so

Let’s get snap happy!!!

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National Blog Posting Month 2015
National Blog Posting Month 2015
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First day at school

So today is my first day as year 0 teacher. I’m excited but nervous there is so much i still need to do to feel ready but it will have to wait as i don’t have the time now. I’m up super early to go in and print out my resources for this week and make sure everything in the classroom is ready for the kiddies.

I have spent the whole weekend planning, cutting, surfing Pinterest for ideas and scavenging my house for supplies. Because of this my blogging has fallen by the way side. Sorry!! I will try and get back on schedule and make sure that i have at least 2 posts a week up. I have managed to make sure my weekly Photography Spotlight is ready for the next 6 weeks though.

So here we go and lets see what mayhem the day brings.

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I have spent a frantic week planning,  organising, sorting and seeing up my new classroom.  It’s not as ready as I’d like but it’ll have to do.  Now I’m back in full-time school mode posting may get a bit lax but I will try my hardest to juggle both. More insights into school life and my general day to day maybe more frequent.  I’m thinking of setting up a separate blog for teaching post’s.

What do you think?  Are you interested in reading about the ins and outs of teaching here? Or just the more general posts?

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Hello there_ alex

Blogging, Currently

Currently i am……

Currently i am….

Date – Saturday 12 September 10.03pm

Feeling – Glad it’s the weekend, it’s been a looooooooong week.

Loving  – Being able to travel more soon

Reading – Lots of blogs

Drinking – Iced Coffee 🙂

Anticipating – Summer!!! Hurry up.

Listening to – My road trip sound track 

Watching – Season 6 Grey’s Anatomy

Planning –  A trip to Wellington

Looking forward to – School Holidays in two weeks

Creating – Blog posts, Travel journal entries and daily journal

Finishing – off my lunch.

Wishing – for a midi Travellers Notebook.

The orginal idea came from here but thanks goes to Nina is a paper nerd for her post here which lead me over to bravelogblog.

What are you doing Currently?

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Why Journal?

I have the 30 second memory of a fish.

Even after an amazing day doing something new and exciting i’ll have forgotten the next day the name of each place we went to and possibly exactly what we did there. Now add that to a travel trip when each day you do something new and different and i’m screwed. Continue reading “Why Journal?”

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Getting hooked…..

Do you get hooked on one topic?

I wrote a post on book pet peeves and fell down the rabbit hole. I get hooked on one topic and having a blog about a couple of topics i don’t want to spend a week blogging about just books. I just keep finding all these great things which inspire me to blog about them or Tags to join in on, all to do with books. I could have 5+ posts just related to books.

Does anyone else have this problem? 

Luckily i can schedule these posts to publish in the coming weeks. So, this week you are not overwhelmed by books and wonder what on earth was going on here.

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Tea and Cake Tuesday #1

My favourite cake is Banana cake, my mum’s banana cake. As i have been travelling the furthest reaches of the globe for the last 2 and a half years this is the one thing i have missed most. I could buy it from the shop but that just isn’t the same. So now we are living in a house with an oven. The hostels i have been living in don’t have working ovens or ovens at all in some cases. I thought now is the time to branch out and try some baking. Banana cake cake to be precise.

Banana cake mix
Banana cake mix

So onto pinterest i went to find a recipe for banana cake, one that would be as good as my mum’s. Then off to the shops to buy all the ingredients. I stuck to using the rest of the English chocolate that we brought back from the UK, as choc chips.

The result
The result

These were amazing (if i do say so myself)! Just as good as my mum’s and worth all the effort. I will be using  This recipe again as the base for all my cakes. Off to pop on the kettle to enjoy a brew and some cake.

Event Organizer: Knead to Dough – pop over for more information 

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