Part of all countries teaching practise requires you to undertake a set amount of professional development (PD). While in Australia i kept a notebook where i could gather ideas i have seen in classrooms i had been in. I have decided to share these ideas here on the blog and keep them safely, in digital form.

This will be an evolving page as I add more links and ideas as I come across them and I will also add links to any blog posts with more information about what i find.


A – Australia          NZ – New Zealand          P – seen on pinterest


Picture books – Post 1, Post 2

Novels –

reading environmentClass room reading prompts (NZ)

Class book club (A)

Responding to reading (A)

Reading response letters (A)

Literature Circles (A)

Creative literature project (A)

Other reading activities (A) 


journal writing

Journal writing (NZ)


Handwriting cardsPre written handwriting cards (NZ)


reading words

Spelling and sight words cards (NZ)

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