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Photography spotlight #3 Road signs

After living in Australia and seeing some interesting sign posts, I took to taking pictures of them here are a few of the ones I found.  My favourite is this forest one. I saw it on the promenade at St. kinda, Melbourne and just feel in love with it.


Here are a few other signs from my travels around Australia. Some have no holds barred explain exactly what will happen if you ignore the sign – Death!!!

What are your favourite signs?

Post a picture and link to my blog and i’ll share my favourite!

Let’s get snap happy!!!

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Photography Spotlight #2 – the sea

Photography Spotlight #1 colourful

Photography Spotlight

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Why Journal?

I have the 30 second memory of a fish.

Even after an amazing day doing something new and exciting i’ll have forgotten the next day the name of each place we went to and possibly exactly what we did there. Now add that to a travel trip when each day you do something new and different and i’m screwed. Continue reading “Why Journal?”

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Tea and Cake Tuesday #2

book, cake and tea

A good book,  tea and cake (held in a nifty cake protecter I found in the cupboard) is the best way to spend a Tuesday.  However I have to go to work instead.  Oh well we can’t win them all.

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Tea and Cake Tuesday #1

Tea and Cake Tuesday

Photography spotlight
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Photography Spotlight #2 The Sea


The sea is the theme of this week’s photography spotlight.

This is taken from the air on a light aircraft flight over the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I took this picture of the heart shaped gap in the reef while i was up in Cairns. I love the sea and especially loved Cairns for it many chances to get into the sea among the reef’s to Scuba dive.

Leaning to scuba dive was one of the best things i did in the last few years as it has opened up a whole new world to me under the waves.

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Photography spotlight #1 Colour

Introduction to Photography Spotlight

Photography spotlight
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Photography spotlight #1 Colourful

I love colour. I love rainbows of colour.

I have a whole board of colourful pins, which i look at when i’m feeling down.

This week’s Photo spotlight is to take/ find an old picture of something colourful. Here is mine.

A colourful selection of tea tins at the Melbourne night market.
A colourful selection of tea tins at the Melbourne night market.

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Photo spotlight

The last task of blogging 101 was to create a weekly feature on your blog.  Lots of people jumped to the task straight away but as travel blogger, also speaking to other travel bloggers,  I struggled to think of something which would fit with my theme and be flexible.  So I have come up with a photography spotlight.  It will just be a chance for me and anyone who wants to join to share their favourite travel photos. Past or present. I may go with a theme for some weeks but this is still developing.

I will post a theme if there is one on a Sunday night. This week we will go with colour, I love taking pictures of displays of colourful items, sometimes laid out in rainbows and sometimes just my favourite colours grouped together.

Please post to your own blog and leave a link in the comments if you want to share a picture. I will do a round up of the week the week after.

Please share your favourite picture,  include more in your post if you like, but highlight the favourite for all to see.

I hope you enjoy and get inspired.

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Tea and Cake Tuesday

So for day 13 of our blogging U 101 we were asked to try another blogging event. Off i went in search of something which calls to me and that would fit in with this blog. What do i find but Tea and cake Tuesday, perfect. Here is what i have to do….. Continue reading “Tea and Cake Tuesday”