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24 Things To Do In Auckland

Having come back from holiday and having a couple of weeks of school holiday left, I thought I would compile a list of things to do in Auckland.

I scoured about 4 or 5 different travel websites and read through the many things they suggested to be done in Auckland, many of these things are free, and took the ones I thought would be most important and interesting to do.

I will link back here with reviews or posts about these places as we do them and I post about them.

  1. Auckland Museum
  2. Art gallery
  3. One tree hill/ Cornwall Park/ Stardome
  4. Mt Eden
  5. Kelly Tarlton’s
  6. Sky Tower
  7. Motat (Museum of transport and technology)
  8. Goat Island
  9. Waiheke Island
  10. Botanic Garden
  11. Escape masters
  12. Brick bay Sculpture trail
  13. Omaha beach
  14. Rangitoto Island
  15. Auckland Domain
  16. K’ Road
  17. Motutapu Island
  18. Devonport
  19. Takapuna
  20. Silo park
  21. Misson Bay
  22. Howick Village
  23. Long bay regional park
  24. Snow planet

Enjoy exploring!

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