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Sickness and journalling

I’ve been on and off work for the last week and a bit. I’ve been feeling really under the weather and it got the better of me last week. I have used this time sleeping and recovering and as I’ve been feeling better I’ve used this time to catch up on my journal.

I’ve also been exploring some new forms of journaling and have done some reading and youtube watching about Bullet journaling. Some interesting examples can be found on Marie claire UK, Life hacker and this in depth, one month in look at what worked and changes were made to make the system work from Boho Berry.

I’m looking how I’m going to journal next year, New Year, New journal and all that. This year I have been using a lovely daily journal which was my X-mas gift last year. I find the daily pages to restricting as I don’t journal every day and sometimes need more than one page per day.

When I have set up my Travellers notebook and decided on a system I will update this post. Here are the pages I have done for some of our recent trips, just missing some photographs.


I have also been practising my lettering and putting in some quotes to fill some of the blank pages.








I hope yu have enjoyed the peek into my journal.

Do you keep a bullet journal? what advice do you have share below? 

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