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Please, Mr Panda

I read a lovely blog post over at live 🙂 Life about a book called Please, Mr Panda.

Please, Mr. Panda

A panda has a tray of Doughnuts to share and goes around asking some creatures if they would like one. A variety of responses are given but only one gets the doughnuts.

I thought this would be a great book to share with my class to discuss manners.

We read the book and then talked about why each creature didn’t get any doughnuts. They all knew the reasons why! Then we acted it out, I used a couple of confident kids to play animals asking with no manners and then asking with manners. They loved it. We got into pairs to take turns practising and I worked with a very shy speaker, who then went round to the whole class with the book pretending to be a tray of doughnuts asking if they would like one? All used their manners, although saying thank you is something we need to work on.

After a long session of PE this was a really fun and chilled out way to spend the afternoon. We also sung some great sight word songs I’m loving by Heidi songs and the follow the rules song. I have kids who four weeks ago couldn’t name a single letter of the alphabet recognising 2 or 3 sight words. So proud!

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National Blog Posting Month 2015
National Blog Posting Month 2015

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