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Lets share over a coffee……

Grab a coffee and come, sit and have a chat with me.

fancy chai teaIf we were having coffee together…. I would be telling you all about my week and the crazy antics we got up to at school.

If we were having coffee together…… 
I might be
drinking tea and eating cake, my guilty pleasure is coffee and chocolate cake!

If we were having coffee together…….. I’d be telling you about my plans for this summer holiday and how I’m looking forward to a visit to the south island. We are going to Queenstown for Christmas.

If we were having coffee together ……….. I would tell youiced coffee about the book I’m reading called The Daughter of the Empire and how great the series is. Although I’d be mourning my lack of time for reading at the moment.

If we were having coffee together……. I would tell you how much I need to find the motivation to go workout again. How rubbish I feel because I haven’t been working out and how my random pains keep popping up which means I need to workout before it gets worse.

If we were having coffee together…….. I might have an iced one as it’s finally starting to get warm now.

If we were having coffee together …….  I would tell you how I have finally put in my qualifications assessment so I can get paid the correct amount. This is exciting because I’ll get back pay and hopefully get quite a lot.

If we were having coffee together ……….. I’d share the most exciting news I got this week was that I got a full time teaching job for next year. At the same, lovely school I’m currently working at. I’m looking forward to starting a classroom again from the start of the year.

So, come, share a coffee with me and let’s catch up. What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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15 thoughts on “Lets share over a coffee……”

  1. I’d tell you how much I want to go on a trip because I know you would understand! I have this urge to go somewhere isolated, with mountains and hiking trails and a cozy cabin with a big old fireplace. I’d tell you I need this trip because I’m really tired and need a break and so does the hubs. He’s working too hard and I’m worried about him. Thanks for listening!

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  2. I like how creative this post was. I felt like I was across from you having coffee or in my case tea. I would tell you about how I love coffee, but I gave it up for the month of november because I was drinking too many coffees a day. I would tell you about my favorite kinds of tea. If we were having coffee I would want to hear more about the book you are reading and set a goal for myself to read more. If we were having coffee, I would be able to relate to your sentiment towards exercise. I am struggling to find motivation to workout, but this entire week, my left foot started hurting. I am the same way, pains pop up when I am not as active as I should be. We could be accountability workout buddies?


    1. Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I really enjoyed writing it, it makes a nice change.
      I love tea as well but drink tea all day every day so enjoy a coffee when I’m out as a change. Maybe that is what I​ need a motivation buddy, money is also an issue at the moment as I am getting paid a fraction of what I​ should but have to wait for my pay rise 😦 I need to get fitter so I can go walk the Tongariro crossing and not die.

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      1. I understand finances being tight. I cut down on my hours to be in school full-time. At my old job I worked at a health club/gym so it was easy for me to stay active. I want to get fit also so I can have energy again and feel good about myself. Tongariro crossing? That sounds like an adventure!

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      2. When is your trip? And how can I help? Are you planning on walking, going on hikes and cross training? My goal is to establish a healthy routine and active lifestyle. I also need to clean up my nutrition big time. I’ve been eating WAY too much sugar and junk food.


      3. We go in about 5 weeks. It’s going to be hiking but only a day so I won’t need to carry anything. I’m trying to clean up my eating and have cut most of the sugar already. Not buying it I find the best way start.

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