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Craziness in room 28

So I just read this post over at nothing was said and laughed out loud. Then thought I should share some hilarity from my own classroom. I regularly get comments from the teachers in the adjoining classrooms about how they love overhearing my wails of despair of what the children are doing that they shouldn’t be and have a little chuckle. So in no particular order from the mouths and hands of kids.

  • All is quiet in the classroom and I walk over to the blue table and find a big pile of hair. Look at kids all innocently holding scissors, cutting their shapes and notice M has three big bald spots on his head. Sigh …….. discuss with the class why cutting our hair is not a good idea. Then brace myself for a conversation with mum.
  • Same child at sports day, I turn round to find him eating grass. Sigh …….. talk about why grass is not good for us to eat. Discuss with mum.
  • Kids all working well in groups. Walk over to yellow table to find M (seeing a pattern emerging) with two yellow crayons sticking out his ears, then notice that most of the table has copied him and have colourful crayons sticking out their ears as well. sigh………. more discussions on how we use our equipment correctly.

Enjoy and I shall update with more as I think of it and as it happens.

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National Blog Posting Month 2015
National Blog Posting Month 2015

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