midori travellers notebook handmade
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DIY Midori Travellers Notebook

I don’t get jealous easily but i’m currently suffering journal jealousy. All those people who have a Midori Travellers notebook. I WANT ONE!!!!! so badly!

midori travellers notebook handmade

I have found a couple of how to sites (here and here) and went shopping for some supplies. Leather is expensive and hard to get here so i was going to use a couple of other ideas I’ve seen for making the cover. I really want an A4 one to hold all my teaching supplies so was going to be my first make. 

I ended up buying a material placemat for $2 and a plastic one. I also stumbled on a shop which sold leather quite cheaply and bought myself a nice piece of brown leather.

I didn’t have a metal rule, cutting board or a knife so i used scissors. It worked ok but was very hard to keep the edge straight. I also got a single hole punch to punch the holes, they were a bit big for my liking but work fine. I’m not strong enough to punch through the leather but my BF did it for me.

I ended up having enough leather to make a small passport sized book and an A5 ish sized one. I made the bigger one to fit some large plain moleskin journals I had got from Whitcouls. The smaller one I made to fit a small moleskin journal I had some years ago from Etsy seller XX. I left this one with a flap of leather to cover the opening.

I had struggled to find anywhere to buy the inserts and other things that Midori sell to go with their Traveler’s Notebook. I joined a Facebook group who pointed me in the direction of a shop in Devonport which sold Travellers Notebooks.

Midori Travellers AccessoriesI headed over there and was very restrained, I only got a set of stick on pockets, A set of the official elastics, a plastic organiser pocket and an unnumbered monthly calendar. I nearly got a Travellers Notebook as well but couldn’t justify it.

Now I have the opposite problem. I suffer from ‘my notebook is to nice to write in’ so just keep them and don’t brave the blank page phobia. I might be ok as these I am going to use for my travel journals next year. I will start prepping some of the pages soon ready for some adventures in the New Year.

All I need to get now is a funky charm to hang off the elastic to jazz up the A5 sized one. More shopping here i come!

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National Blog Posting Month 2015
National Blog Posting Month 2015

11 thoughts on “DIY Midori Travellers Notebook”

  1. I now wish I’d never heard of this Midori traveller’s notebook thing, because my love of beautiful notebooks, especially those predesignated for travel, is quite difficult to restrain! The books you’ve made yourself are beautiful, and I’m freshly inspired to make something of the sort myself. Hopefully the desire not to write in such a beautiful book will be easily conquered!

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    1. Thanks, i’m the same. if it’s a notebook i’ll buy. I will get over it i think it’s just because i have one for this year and i don’t want to start a new one until next year. lol.


      1. I hear that. I buy notebooks compulsively. Lately I’ve had to make a deal with myself where I can’t get a new one unless I’ve almost filled the last one. It’s difficult.


  2. Thanks, a traveller’s notebook is the leather outer. This is currently blank waiting for a new year and new travels. I will share the contents with you all when i start it and as i complete my current one.


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