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What’s happening in Room 28 Week 2 – The Three Little Pigs

So the second week of school and both me and the Kiddies are settled in. I went from 4 to 13 kiddies in a week and think I might have levelled out for a bit.

I was sent my report outline, given some leeway as we were all new,  but I have had to start writing reports to get them completed before the deadline in two weeks while completing my maths and reading testing. So it’s been a busy week.

This week I have focused on The Three Little Pigs as a sub-topic to our school one of Imagination. We watched the story daily on You tube and by the end of the week the kids could tell it off by heart.

We acted out the story using props that we made, some pig ear headbands, and found to help us remember what happened.

We have been building our own houses in our construction site using wooden blocks. They enjoyed wearing the Hi-Vis jackets and safety glasses I got and they randomly wear them around the classroom.

During maths, I have introduced graphing. We discuss then poll a different question every day. Our first question was what colour eyes do we have? I was the only blue eyed person in the room.

We are graphing different questions daily.
We are graphing different questions daily.

I finally got my laminating back from the office, it has been absent for the whole two weeks. I haven’t had a chance to get it all up on the walls yet, but my classroom is starting to come together.

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    1. There will be a new post each week with our weekly adventures. Thanks for coming by. I love scuba diving so was really excited to read your pay and explore your blog.


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