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Street Art around the world

Art or destruction of property? Graffiti can be seen as a negative thing but i find it beautiful in the right places. After reading the wonderful blog post about graffiti over at 30 summers i wanted to share some of the other street art that i have found in and around Melbourne and other places i have visited in the world. So here are some of my discoveries….. enjoy.

Melbourne, Australia (2013)



prague graffiti


venice graffiti

11 thoughts on “Street Art around the world”

  1. I agree that some Graffiti is beautiful and I also agree that it is art. I can see the point of view from the property owner too that if they don’t like it then it’s not okay to do. As long as it was tasteful and beautiful like the photo’s that you show, I would have a hard time arguing with it being on my building . We currently have an issue in the USA where someone thinks it’s ok to go around and paint on rock formations etc. I don’t approve of that.


      1. I can probably search the web and find some photo’s. They’re in national parks and I believe someone actually tagged a monument. At least one person was decent enough to used colored chalk so it was more of an annoyance until it rained. It just makes me question why you are in the outdoors if you are going to damage property. That isn’t love. I know a year or so ago a woman was arrested because she bragged about her deed on social media. People should just leave things as they found them in the wild.


  2. I love street art! I live near Philadelphia and the city has embraced street art to such an extent that it has more murals and art on the buildings and walls than any other city in the USA. It’s really beautiful!


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