Substitute Teaching as Learning

I stumbled upon this while on pinterest and I will be keeping a watchful eye on all the new ideas and hope I can share as many.
Substitute teaching is a skill in itself and a massive learning curve which helps you grow and become a better teacher.

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Before the 2013-2014 school year begins, it’s high time that I update my blog. I learned a great deal from subbing last year, and I trust that education continues this year. While getting settled in each classroom, I try to take five minutes to understand how each teacher sets up his/her classroom and how the flow of the day works. I love the bins with clearly labeled genres enticing children to read in a comfy corner. As someone who loves exploring science, areas where students can freely explore different concepts and objects on their own time are really exciting for me to see.

I’ve also observed the delicate balance of what to hang on the walls–walls should be colorful, welcoming, useful, and interactive where appropriate. Above all, if it’s necessary daily information, it has to be big enough and clear enough so that everyone can read it from almost anywhere…

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