Some Great ideas I have seen in the classroom this week are:

Writing task sheet

The children keep it in their book and if there is a reliever or they have finished early they can use this to choose an activity off. It encourages them to keep practising different writing styles.

journal writing

Reading environment

I found this advice sheet from one school showing two lists. One about the different types of reading materials you should have in a classroom. The other with different reading activity ideas.

reading environment


These sheets for more advanced writers gives them lots of different sentences to practise. It means that they can be levelled or divided by colour so they are doing different ones.

Handwriting cards

Sight words/ spelling words

When I was at school I used to have a tin in which I had many sight words to learn to read and spell. This reminds me of that. Sets of words grouped and coloured coded for the children to take home and use as part of their homework to help reading fluency and spelling.

reading words

I am going to try and compile a page of resources for each area of education (Maths, literacy – reading and writing, General classroom ideas and others as they come up). This will help for my own personal teaching development but also as a resource for anyone who wants it. Also in case I lose my notebooks of ideas 😦

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