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So i have been delayed writing my Monday post on books. Naughty me i know! Many things have been happening over the last week including moving to a new flat, so all the rigmarole of packing, cleaning, unpacking more cleaning etc….. have taken up the time i would normally spend planning and writing posts in advance. However, i wanted to share something bookish with you today but am keeping t short and sweet.

Introducing the Book Nook. I really want a house in which i can sit on a window seat in the sunshine with a great book and a brew. Sigh. Until that time i am going to just have to fantasise on Pinterest what my perfect book nook could be like.

Full Definition of NOOK

chiefly Scottish  :  a right-angled corner 
a  :  an interior angle formed by two meeting walls 
b  :  a secluded or sheltered place or part <searched every nook and cranny>
c  :  a small often recessed section of a larger room <a breakfast nook>
Here are some of my dream nooks 
book nook read pillows
Awesome pillows for a book nook
cutest book nook
cutest book nook
traditional window seat nook
A traditional window seat nook
shelving repurposed bench nook
repurposed bench shelving nook

kids book nook Kids book nook

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What would your dream Book nook look like?

What must it have?

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