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Tea and Cake Tuesday #3 – Mug cakes

Mug Cakes have become the quick and easy cake fix. There are books, even special mugs, to help you create the best mug cakes in under 5 mins. So no more spending 40 minutes mixing and measuring then waiting for cooking and cooling. Now you can have a single cake portion in super quick time. 

mug cake coffee

As usual my frugal self kicks in, screams why buy a book? and heads to pinterest for recipes and knowledge. Here are some of the ones i have tried. It is all trial and error as each microwave if different.

This is the book you can buy but the link shows you some tips and a few free recipes. 

Table for Two

DIY n Crafts

So far i have learnt that you must put it on for the whole time as the cake sinks if you don’t.

Also the ‘mug’ in most of the recipes is tiny, i have used normal tea/coffee mugs and mine only go half full. Smaller mugs work better i think.

DO you have a favourite Mug cake recipe?

Please share you tips and recipes in the comments.

For all my wonderful Pinterest finds head over to my Pinterest Food- Deserts board and don’t forget to follow my blog so you don’t miss out on the weekly Tea and Cake post.

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