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Why Journal?

I have the 30 second memory of a fish.

Even after an amazing day doing something new and exciting i’ll have forgotten the next day the name of each place we went to and possibly exactly what we did there. Now add that to a travel trip when each day you do something new and different and i’m screwed.

I journal so i can look back and remember, To keep all those small memories alive and as a place to keep the paper/ flat mementos you pick up or buy in new places. I love looking back through my China travel journal to see what i did each day and how i felt. I took a more written approach, though i kept the stickers, leaflets and other bits of paper in pockets in my journal. I wish i had used a more scrapbook approach like this 

Some lovely ideas from This Chicken Blog

I have changed my style of journalling many times but each time it suits the book i’m journalling in.

I have a whole Pinterest board of journal ideas, tips,inspirations and layouts that i aim to use to keep my journal fun and fresh. Here are some of the pins and the board.

found on pinterest but now website has gone :-(please contact if this is yours and i will credit to you!!
found on pinterest but now website has gone :-(please contact if this is yours and i will credit to you!!

Do you Journal? What do you find works best?

13 thoughts on “Why Journal?”

  1. I was more of scribbler and freenote than a ‘journal writer.’ I never kept meticulous record of everyday events except for a few things like meditation. I kept writing down whatever came in my mind to increase my perceptivity.

    I like what you have done with your website in a matter of very few days. Great going. 🙂

    Best Wishes,

    Anand 🙂

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  2. Your journals are beautiful! I found myself intimidated by the thought of ‘ruining’ a book, so my journal is written on loose-leaf paper and stored in a binder. Then a sheet can go without me feeling as if I wrecked the whole book. I love your combinations of visuals and text!

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