The Great Debate: Books vs kindle

I have seen a few article and heard massive debates on which is better. This article is the most recent one i have seen and thought i would share my take on it.

I love books. The smell. The feel. The sense of achievement at the end.  The look as they sit there on the shelf waiting to be read, or re-read.

So, when you pack up your life into a rucksack to go travelling you can’t take a shelf load of books with you. Having a kindle helps me carry a shelf load of books in one small, travel sized packet. However, until that point i was anti kindle. I didn’t like the idea of not holding a book or how you could enjoy the experience of reading on a tablet. Now i understand, i have grown. I need my book fix and i can only get this through a kindle. Yes, i could join a library but if i don’t know when i am going to return to that place i can’t borrow books. My conscience won’t let me.

Whenever I do find free books, on shelves in the hostels, Little free libraries and as gifts, I do gather a few. Especially if I have a nice bookshelf to put them on.

On my kindle i started keeping track of the books i read each year by putting then in a folder for that year. Then I started logging my books after i left the uk in the back of my daily journal. Then i found Goodreads where i can log my reading online, get inspired by new books and just geek out happily with other bookish types.  Now i keep a log on both good reads and in my daily journal.

What do you prefer? A Kindle or a physical book?

14 thoughts on “The Great Debate: Books vs kindle”

  1. I love both. When I am at home, paper books get all my attention, especially because I can share my favorite ones with my kid as identified objects. She knows in which book she’ll find a good story and won’t hesitate to bring one to me and ask me to read it for her. But whenever we travel, my kindle is my best friend. And often, if I love a book I read on my kindle I’ll later buy it as a paperback.

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  2. We recently downsized into a smaller space and one consequence was that I had to cull my library of books. I kept my favorites, but almost everything I get now is in digital format. I love that I can store hundreds of books on one small device! The only type of book that doesn’t work well in digital format is cook books! I still buy paper cook books.

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  3. I have commented on this exact topic many times.
    I love books. Before I moved to Florida, I had books in every room. Lot’s and lot’s of them. I love the way they look in a bookcase. O the table. Anywhere.
    I love their touch. Their smell. I enjoy holding a book in my hand. I enjoy turning the pages.
    That said, I don’t have access to many books now and I have a kindle app on my computer.
    I enjoyed it when I would borrow a friend’s kindle. It’s size was perfect and you could take it anywhere.
    I read a lot and have been glad to be able to download books on my computer.
    It’s not perfect for me. I can’t curl up like I can with a book.
    It is easier to store the books now.


  4. I was going to write a blog about this. I’ve been fighting this for five years and just last week I bought a Nook at Barnes & Noble and realized that I was fighting a senseless battle. The compromise is to have both. If it is something that I want to keep and shelf away then I will buy it ifflne, otherwise I’ll just read it on the nook. The coolest feature so far is the dictionary feature on the nook. You can instantly see the definition of every new word you don’t know.


    1. That’s very true, I read a lot of young affordable fiction at the moment so don’t often need to look up words. I forget it had this lol. I was against it for a year before I got mine.


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