Do you get hooked on one topic?

I wrote a post on book pet peeves and fell down the rabbit hole. I get hooked on one topic and having a blog about a couple of topics i don’t want to spend a week blogging about just books. I just keep finding all these great things which inspire me to blog about them or Tags to join in on, all to do with books. I could have 5+ posts just related to books.

Does anyone else have this problem? 

Luckily i can schedule these posts to publish in the coming weeks. So, this week you are not overwhelmed by books and wonder what on earth was going on here.


One thought on “Getting hooked…..

  1. Oh I do, certainly. I am learning to just start another post offline and save it for later instead of making the current post too long. I also have to make notes about my thoughts, otherwise I forget what I was going to write about – it’s all part of the ageing process but let’s hope my brain will benefit from blogging.


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