While doing my random internet trawling i found this post about people’s pet peeve’s on Goodreads.

1. “Peeps who leave crumbs behind between pages!! #ew” (Joyce B)

2. “When publishers change book covers mid-series! Biggest book pet peeve EVER…”(Amanda White)

3. “My Kindle battery dying!” (Hannah DesWonn)

4. “Seeing someone turn a book inside out by folding it in half while they read. The front and back should never meet!” (Mopsy Prewett)

5. “People who forget that they borrowed a book from you.” (Nadia Malik)

6. “When someone rips out the pages of a book. How is the book supposed to make any sense when there are missing pages in it?” (Trish Welsh)

7. “Those strange mystery stains that are usually found between the pages of library books. Did someone spill coffee? Or slash their fingers open with a paper cut? Who knows?” (Traci Mccarty)

8. “Highlighting! Who are these savages?” (Anna Moloney)

9. “Library books last read by a nose picker.” (Grace Minnick Hickox)

10. “Paperback covers that delaminate and warped hardcovers.” (Paul Wichert)

11. “Dropping books in the toilet. Not that it’s ever happened to me…” (Devyn Price)

12. “Broken spines are okay, unless it’s a SINGLE crack right in the middle of the spine. That’s the WORST.” (Charlie)

13. “Dog-eared pages drive me crazy.” (Elizabeth Newby)

14. “Sand stuck between pages from reading on the beach.” (Ellen)

15. “Movie edition book covers…shudder.” (Hollie Ruthless)

So i thought i would share  what my pet peeve’s are:

2. “When publishers change book covers mid-series! Biggest book pet peeve EVER…”(Amanda White)

I hate this, i try to keep with the same cover so they look neat on my shelf but when they change it half way through it’s impossible.

Even worse if the they change the book size. i need my books to go in size order but stick to the series order. Having a large book fall in the middle of a series of small books gives me headache on where to put it.

15. “Movie edition book covers…shudder.” (Hollie Ruthless)

I don’t buy these.

Then a combination of number 11 – dropping books in the toilet and number 5.

I had lovely, well read but still in nearly perfect condition set of the Harry potter books while i was at uni. My housemate borrowed one of the books and then nearly two months later returned it. It looked like it had been in the bath!!! my books go no where near water. The worse thing was he then tried to say that was how it looked when he borrowed it from me. No Way!!!!!

Now i only lend books to trusted close friends who i know respect my books and won’t read them in the bath or in the pool.

What are your book related pet peeve’s?


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