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Tea and Cake Tuesday #1

My favourite cake is Banana cake, my mum’s banana cake. As i have been travelling the furthest reaches of the globe for the last 2 and a half years this is the one thing i have missed most. I could buy it from the shop but that just isn’t the same. So now we are living in a house with an oven. The hostels i have been living in don’t have working ovens or ovens at all in some cases. I thought now is the time to branch out and try some baking. Banana cake cake to be precise.

Banana cake mix
Banana cake mix

So onto pinterest i went to find a recipe for banana cake, one that would be as good as my mum’s. Then off to the shops to buy all the ingredients. I stuck to using the rest of the English chocolate that we brought back from the UK, as choc chips.

The result
The result

These were amazing (if i do say so myself)! Just as good as my mum’s and worth all the effort. I will be using  This recipe again as the base for all my cakes. Off to pop on the kettle to enjoy a brew and some cake.

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9 thoughts on “Tea and Cake Tuesday #1”

  1. I never thought of searching Pinterest for a recipe, thanks for the tip. Love the idea of banana cake made into mini-cakes and with chocolate! Kitchen, here I come.

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