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Relief teaching

So over the last 3 years I have been relief teaching in the UK, Australia and now a New Zealand. I have been into many different types of schools,  classes and taught a whole range of children.  Through my experience I have to see how important a few things are in education and what I need to have on hand to help me through the day.


I have a small notebook to keep good ideas in.  I have seen so much which had inspired me to use in my future teaching and for a class when I settle into one school. I jot down notes onto post-it’s which I then sick into my notebook or straight into the book.


If I’m using a resource which I can take an extra of and it will fit into the book I pop that in as well.


I also have a selection of stickers on me. You never know the age of the class your teaching.  Even if you do know before hand you may get moved or have to take a younger class for an hour.  The big kids really like stickers as well I’ve found.

I keep the notebook and my stickers in a small plastic pouch to keep it from the wear and tear of my hand bag.


I find it very important to have a whistle on hand as well, you never know when you have to go outside to do sports or just want to play a game.

I keep a variety of pens in my bag as well for use marking, filling in forms and making notes.

This year I was given a 2015 diary to keep track of my schools,  notes about the school,  classes taken and when I was there.  This has been really helpful.  Before I’ve kept notes on my phone which is fine but I’ve changed phone before and lost them all. Not fun!

I don’t take folders of planned lessons around to each school with me. I know people who cart around boxes of supplies.  I was getting the bus /tram /train to school and never knew how far I had to walk,  so I didn’t want to be lugging that around.  I managed just fine without and probably had less stress.
If no work had been left,  this happens very rarely I find,  I use this simple format for the day:

1 hour reading (using the normal format if the kids know it, if not – shared story,  independent reading,  then some shared thoughts on the books)
1 hour writing (free writing if they don’t have a topic or theme to adapt)
1 hour maths (maths games,  posters to show what they have learnt on a topic they are studying or have recently done)
1 hour topic (posters of what they know, a piece of writing, a play or any form of showing what they have learnt so far)
Time fillers:
* class sharing (work or items/ stories about them)
* an inside game
*an outside game
* free time if they’ve been good
* art
* shared story

I find being creative and flexible is far better than carrying  around a while bunch of paper.

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