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As a traveller of the world i find inspiration everywhere, being crafty, i love to keep this inspiration in my travel journal. I am a nightmare for leaflets, stickers …… oh i love stickers…… labels, packets anything i can cut up and stick down with glue or my very pretty wash tape. My travelling partner in crime shakes his in despair some days when i get excited about buying stickers from a location we have been to.

Leaving home meant leaving a whole box, or two, of crafting supplies and just taking what was necessary. ALL OF IT. I may have started my journey with a hefty amount of crafting supplies none of which i could…. gasp…. throw away or leave anywhere. But two trips home has let me leave some of these supplies behind, making room for new ones to be purchased along the way. I may slightly regret leaving some things behind, mostly my polaroid printer, but nothing so important that i can’t buy or live without.

I though you might like to see inside my current journal. I’m onto my third one now and this one i love as it was my christmas present from my travelling partner in crime. It has a sea green/ turquoise leather cover with orange page edges and i have attached a squished penny, my new found addiction, to the string.

                           journal cover   penny love

Here is some pages from things we have done in the last month.

Documenting our trip to the coromandels with cut up leaflets, maps and stickers.

The only problem i have found with this journal is that it has the dates in already. So far my other journals have been blank pages. This meant if a trip needed 5 pages for a day it was no problem i could use 5. If nothing happened for a month i could just document the big things and not worry about the timing in between. With this one, however, i feel more pressure to fill in the gaps. I don’t normally put pressure on myself to journal everyday as during the working week nothing much happens. I have also got a bullet journal/ daily journal where i write in note form the day’s events and even in here i use stickers, receipts or pictures to show a day if nothing much has happened. I am trying to forget abut the days and journal with as much space as i need even if it means going over a few days before or after i will just cover up the days and leave the correct date showing.

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7 thoughts on “Journaling”

    1. Thanks. When i’m travelling a lot, moving from place to place daily, i try and do a little bit each day. For times like now when i am living in one place i save it and do it in one go maybe a few pages at a time. sometimes i go back months later. It depends really


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