All consuming..

I’m starting notice that when i wake up in the morning the first thing i do is reach for my phone and check my blog’s activity over night. At work, in my breaks, the 4G goes on and i check whats happened since i last looked, i also logged on at work so while i was working (cold calling) i could check, comment, update and read posts.

It’s a rainy Saturday morning here in Auckland, My partner is at work till 3pm and and i’m in bed with a brew, blogging and playing with my theme.  Side note – what do you think of the change?

I should be filling in my teaching forms so i can get paid when i start my new job on Monday. Dragging myself away from the computer is becoming an issue! While i was trawling the never ending links from one blog to the next i found this post with some advice. Number 6 seems to be what i need to focus on. Getting the balance.


Don’t get green-eyed at other’s successes; question whether hitting refresh on your Twitter stream or Facebook news feed is doing any good for your mental health; go outside, take your phone and take some shots; bake; read; throw a tennis ball really, really hard against a wall; have a shower; go to a bar or cafe you’ve never been to before; paint your nails; dress up your cat or dog; watch some weird-but-wonderful YouTube videos.

Basically, if you feel the crazy coming on, step away from the internet for a while. It will still be there when you get back.

Is anyone else having this issue? I’m sure i can’t be alone.

So, I’m off to shower, fill in my important forms and bake some cakes. Stepping away……………………


10 thoughts on “All consuming..

  1. I do like to check in the morning when I wake up — partly because how I wake up is by reading while I drink my first cup of coffee. Also, I am just fascinated by the international aspect of blogging — one of my favorite things is to see the map on the Stats page and see that someone half a world away, and in a different time zone, has viewed my blog.


  2. Yes! Blogging 101 has me checking my phone constantly and all the alerts are draining my battery a lot faster than normal! (I have to fix that) And the stats page! Right? It’s really cool seeing all the people from all over the world connecting with you. The downside is I’m not getting in all the writing I SHOULD be doing! So after catching up with some things I neglected on the blog, I’m taking the whole day off tomorrow. Promise!


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