So as part of the blogging101 course we get weekends off. This is, however, where i feel i have more time to spend on my blog getting to grips with some of the tips and ideas that have been shared through the week and playing around with it.

I feel like i have more headspace for writing and putting together posts which are not just a group of sentences thrown together before i go to bed. I know that it makes for poor reading and probably not very interesting at all. Perhaps the key to this is to spend time creating unpublished posts which I work on during the week adding an element or two a night before posting. ……… something to think about.


5 thoughts on “Weekends

  1. Finding the time to post regularly is a huge challenge for me, too. Some people can just dash off something that works wonderfully, but I tend to work overly hard at planning, writing, and even revising my posts. I just looked at the blogs of another blogging 101 participant — Sonya, whose main blog is https://sonyca.wordpress.com/ — who writes daily stories (not just posts, but actual stories!) of only 100 words! I know people don’t like to read really long posts, but I still can’t seem to make mine shorter. So I take time reflecting on them as you do. Perhaps we just have to find what works best for us individually. We all have our unique styles of writing and blogging goals. Keep at it, and just publish your posts when they feel right and ready to you. And have a cup of tea! Wish I could join you!


    1. Thanks, I think it is important to post as we can at our own rate. I can’t find that time for daily posts and create three for the week ahead of time so i can play around with them when i do have time. Not letting my pace for writing make me feel guilty.


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